Exemplar City, Regional Plans

Homegrown Minneapolis, 2009

 Homegrown Minneapolis is built on the idea that a strong local food system can positively impact the health, food security, economy and environment of our city and the surrounding region. The City of Minneapolis can play an important role in this process by supporting residents’ efforts to grow, sell, distribute, and consume more fresh, sustainably produced and locally grown foods.

FoodWorks, NYC, 2010

 An 86 page, comprehensive plan that sets a bold vision for a more sustainable food system—a ground-to-garbage approach unprecedented in the history of NYC. The plan, ‘FoodWorks’, provides a blueprint for addressing issues at every phase of the food system – from agricultural production, processing, distribution, consumption and post-consumption. The proposals focus on combating hunger and obesity to preserving regional farming and local food manufacturing to decreasing waste and energy usage.

Eating Here, Greater Philadelphia’s Food System Plan, 2011

This publication is based on the ongoing work of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) and the Greater Philadelphia Food System Stakeholder Committee. This plan identifies opportunities to develop the regional economy and strengthen our agricultural sector, decrease waste and want, improve public health, protect the region’s soil and water, and encourage diversity, innovation, and collaboration. It contains the Committee’s specific priority recommendations, based on these values.