Land Use Planning

Urban Agriculture and Food System Planning Panel

2012 Metro Vision Idea Exchange, Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)

The Metro Vision Idea Exchange is an opportunity for member government land use and transportation planners, other local government staff and stakeholders from the private sector to share information and ideas, as well as learn about best practices that support Metro Vision goals.  These workshops address sustainability and livability issues important to the successful development of TODs, Urban Centers, town centers and freestanding communities.

At this session, we explored why urban agriculture is important from both an economic and health standpoint, how it is defined, and how communities across the country are modifying their policies to allow for it and in many cases, encourage it.   In addition, we heard how regions across the country are developing food system plans to interconnect activities that get food from the farm (or backyard) to the plate: including growing, processing, preparing, buying and disposing of food.

See website for presentations, case studies, and resources.

Incorporating Food Systems into Regional Development

Also available at this site, a report (pdf) Regional Food Systems Infrastructure.


American Planning Association Resources

Urban Agriculture: Growing Healthy, Sustainable Places, 2011

Hodgson, Kimberly, Marcia Caton Campbell, and Martin Bailkey, 2011:  American Planning Association, Planning Advisory Service Report. Lists the most up-to-date practices for integrating urban agriculture into planning for healthy cities.  $60 from the APA, also available through Amazon.

Zoning for Urban Agriculture, 2010

Mukherji, Nina and Alfonso Morales, Zoning Practice, No.3 (March), 7p.  American Planning Association, provided free of charge.  Very good resource.

Planners Guide to Community and Regional Food Planning: Transforming Food Environments, Facilitating Healthy Eating, 2008

Raja, S., B. Born, and J.K. Russell, 2008: , American Planning Association, Planning Advisory Service Report #554. Can be bought through the APA website. It’s well worth the $50 price tag.

APA Policy Guide on Community and Regional Food Planning, 2007


General Resources

A Primer on Community Food Systems:  Linking Food, Nutrition and Agriculture

Cornell University. Division of Nutritional Sciences. Discovering the Food System.  Provides a general overview of community food systems as well as the goals, elements, and actions necessary to support and strengthen the system.